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Redesigning XRT-C

As some who read this may know I’m involved, well currently the project lead, on the Exeter Radio Telescope at Caradon (XRT-C) project. The idea behind this project is great; to build a professional...


Once Again, With More Soul

In my free time of late, I’ve been busy beavering away on my latest website. This one has taken a few weeks to perfect and hone but this is the brand new website for my band...

Messing with the Tumblr API 0

Messing with the Tumblr API

Last night I had a near overwhelming urge to do something web design related, which really isn’t good when you’re in a battle to the death Angry Birds tournament. None the less, I dropped...

Making my CMS – Part 2 0

Making my CMS – Part 2

Hey Everyone! Time for a quick update on my PHP project. It’s going fairly swimmingly thus far. I’ve got a functioning core, now it’s time to start building it out and working out the...

How to Find Design Jobs 0

How to Find Design Jobs

I don’t know about any of you but I find that the hardest thing about being a graphic designer/website developer is getting in work. Since I live in a small town in Rural England...