Research Talks

Included here are a selection of my upcoming and recent research talks.

4th March 2021

Cool Stars 20.5

I was awarded a short Haiku talk at the Cool Stars 20.5 conference. In this talk, I presented a short talk summarising Morrell and Naylor (2019). I also presented a poster at this conference on this work.

12th October 2018

Gaia DR2 Specialist Discussion Meeting at the RAS

I had the privilege of being included in the talks for the specialist discussion meeting sharing the scientific insights gleaned from Gaia DR2. At this meeting I presented a talk about my research studying the luminosity – temperature – radius relations for main-sequence M-dwarfs using the cutting-edge Gaia DR2 photometry and parallaxes, with particular emphasis on how we properly treated this data to yield reliable results.

Slides Available on Github

30th August 2018 – Cool Stars 20

I had the privilege of presenting my research using Gaia DR2 at the 20th Annual Cool Stars conference in Boston, MA. I was included in the ‘Benchmarks and How to Benchmark Themsplinter session, which was focussed on how eclipsing binaries are used for benchmarking stellar evolution models, and how other observational techniques can be used to double check their results and solve the so-called ‘crisis of repeatability’ currently plaguging EB studies.

At the same conference I also presented a poster on my work on young stellar clusters, which shows the veracity of the SED fitting methodology for determining the temperatures of stars.

Slides Available Here.

20th September 2017 – Cardiff Galactic Star Formation Workshop

I presented my work on young stellar clusters at the Cardiff Star Formation Workship kindly organised by Dr. Sarah Ragan at the University of Cardiff.

Slides Available Here