I have produced a variety of content for YouTube. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the content I have been involved in shooting, editing and producing.

University of Exeter Astrophysics

I have been involved in a push toward producing weekly outreach videos for the astrophysics group, and the physics department as a whole, at the University of Exeter. Below are some examples of the videos that we have produced.

Ask an Astrophysicist – Why Do Stars Spin?

Elevator Pitch – George Pantolmos on Stellar Magnetism

Guest Lecture: Rebecca Nealon on Black Hole Accretion Disks

Guest Lecture: Dr. Michael Jones on Observing Hydrogen in Other Galaxies

Elevator Pitch: Dr. Maria Weber on Stellar Magnetism

Guest Lecture: Joshua Krissansen-Totton on Biosignatures

Space Exe / XRT-C

The outreach effort for the Space Exe students guild society and the XRT-C projects have involved producing a variety of outreach content for both projects. Here are some of the videos we've produced.

Bodmin Moor – Dark Sky Landscape

XRT-C Build Day 8 – Mounting the Dish