New Years Day Star Trek Marathon – 2012

January 1, 2012   |   Reading time: ~5 mins

Hey all, as has been a tradition for me for many years, I must have a Star Trek marathon. It just has to happen. I generally do this on Christmas Eve Eve, but owing to being confined to a hospital bed after an operation that day, it was not an option. So, I decided to get 2012 off to a good start and have it today. The rules are as always, episodes from all series of Star Trek are chosen by a random number from and then I watch and write a quick review of the episode as I go through the night, spoiler free of course. So, check back for updates if you’re interested. So, let’s kick off with…

  1. Star Trek Enterprise – ‘Terra Nova’ Season 1 Episode 5 – This was a very early episode in the Enterprise story arc, and it’s easy to tell at this point the writers were still somewhat establishing their characters. Though, this is classic Star Trek. Enter with a mystery, meet a race of people cut off from society and slowly earn their trust until they listen to what the crew of the Enterprise are try to tell them so that they can save their life. It’s a classic Star Trek storyline, and I don’t think anyone has ever done it better.
  2. Star Trek Enterprise – ‘Home’ Season 4 Episode 3 –  This is one of my favourite Enterprise episodes. If you’ve watched Season 3 you’ll know why. In this episode the crew return to Earth and it’s mainly a very nice character development episode. The captain deals with his internal troubles and there’s a nice bit of character development between T’pol and Trip. This episode also shows some of the negative parts of humanity, namely xenophobia and lack of understanding toward alien species. Tis a shame to see it, but I think it gives an important lesson. This definitely one to watch, but only if you’ve seen season 3 and the first couple episodes of season 4.
  3. Star Trek Enterprise – ‘Observer Effect’ Season 4 Episode 11 – Another classic Star Trek storyline, which I’m sure I’ve seen more than a couple times throughout the run of the show. In this one two miscellaneous non-corporeal aliens watch the crew as they deal with a crisis bought on board the ship. Once again, the episode is touting how humanity is unique within all the species they’ve observed in how they react to it. I swear, if there are any aliens out there watching, they must think we’re a vain species. A good episode to watch if you don’t want to get tied into a story arc, as it resolves rather nicely by the end of the episode.
  4. Star Trek Deep Space Nine – ‘Paradise’ Season 2 Episode 15 – Finally, we’re on to something other than Star Trek Enterprise, not that I dislike it o’ course. Another classic formula, seemingly perfect society run by an overly nice evil woman with Orwellian intentions. It’s a nice enough episode, but it’s very much a filler, though the storyline is interesting enough. Some things of note about this episode. We get a little development on Miles O’Brian at the beginning and the female antagonist has the most annoying speaking voice I can recall hearing. I swear it sounds like she’s always on the verge of crying.
  5. Star Trek Deep Space Nine – ”Til Death Do Us Part’ Season 7 Episode 18 – Have to admit, paid very little attention to this one. Wasn’t a good one to watch in this context as it is right in the middle of a very involved story arc at the end of the series. Though, I can recall watching it during the arc and it has plenty of twists in it, so from that perspective, it’s a good episode. You have to watch all of Season 7 of DS9 together for it to make much sense anyway.
  6. Star Trek Enterprise – ‘Dead Stop’ Season 2 Episode 4 – This is a pretty good pick to be honest. It’s probably one of the best Enterprise episodes in my opinion. Essentially after the previous episode, the ship is in a pretty bad way, so they find an automated station to stop off and repair their ship, but some funny business goes on. It’s definitely one to check out, as it’s probably one of the more original story ideas I’ve seen in a while. You might want to watch the previous episode if you want the full story behind it, but still, it’s no big deal. It’s enjoyable enough without it.
  7. Star Trek The Next Generation – ‘The Survivors’ Season 3 Episode 3 – Ah, now that one is a classic. It’s typical TNG as well. Main story is basically weird people left on a planet that has been completely obliterated by a mysterious unknown alien race, meanwhile Troi is affected by something completely random that you never really find out about. It’s a nice enough episode, well worth not skipping if you’re going through TNG but it’s nothing to really go out of your way to watch.
  8. Star Trek Voyager – ‘Caretaker’ Season 1 Episode 1 – So much win! Personally, this is my favourite series opener. It has great introductions to the characters, an interesting storyline and it even has a Deep Space Nine cross-over. What more could you want. Also, it’s super long clocking in at about and hour and a half, it’s effectively a Star Trek Voyager movie; which I’m really unhappy they didn’t make by the way.You must totally watch this episode if you have a chance, it’ll get you kick started brilliantly to watching Star Trek Voyager. I grew up watching Voyager and this is a very fitting opening to a brilliant series.

So, I think that’s all I have time for this marathon, I think it’s bee pretty good, though I would have liked to have got some Original Series in there. Maybe next time. If you have been, thanks for reading / following.

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