What I’ve Been Listening To – September / October 2011

October 13, 2011   |   Reading time: ~3 mins

It’s that time of decade again! I don’t know if anyone actually cares about reading these posts but I like sharing them anyway. I can go back over them and see what I liked listening to back in time. If nothing else it’s a musical bookmark for myself. Before I get any wise cracks about the frequency of these posts necessitating them being named after seasons rather than months, let’s get started!

Kal Lavelle

Much of my discovery of music is done via the iTunes free single of the week, by virtue of it being free to try and introducing artists I wouldn’t other wise have found / listened to. This time is no exception. About a few weeks ago I found an artists called Kal Lavelle with this song (‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’). I wasn’t expecting an awful lot as predominantly, iTunes free single of the week sums up mediocrity, however I really enjoyed this one. I just seems really natural and airy. The vocal harmonies also help it along very nicely.

If this song isn’t quite to your taste, she’s also worked with Artful to make ‘This Could Be The Bassline’. Also really like this one. There’s another version of this song circulating with Ed Sheeran on vocals, as he was meant to do them but was unable and recommended Kal (I think).

He Is We

Here’s another lucky discovery of mine. This duo are really quite good. These two songs are my two favourites for you to have a listen to. The first one is called ‘Happily Ever After’ and the second is called ‘All About Us’. The second features Adam Young of Owl City fame, so if you recognise the vocals, that’s why. They’ve done plenty more good songs too so why not go check them out?

Amy Macdonald – This is the Life

Basically, I kept hearing it on the TV adverts for some car, I forget now but I think it was Fiat. I’ve always this song, but never known exactly what it was, thank goodness for iPhones and Shazam, eh? Once again, many harmonies, that seems to be a recurring theme.

Dlugokecki – Save My Soul

Just so you know, it’s pronounced der-loo-go-ken-ski. Don’t worry, I had that trouble too. I’ve loved this song since way back when I first heard it. It’s got everything in it that makes me want to listen more. Strings, a really punchy bass line, clean drums, plenty of vocal harmonies and generally a really big a lovely sound! This is the way I’d like to mix music.

Ady Hart

I can’t end this post without mentioning a friend of mine, Ady Hart, who has recently finished and published his own album. All the songs on it a very good, I’d be hard pushed to find a weak one. The production of the CD is also very well done. An all round class act. Why not have a look at his website at http://adyhart.com/. Seriously, you won’t regret it. In the meantime, here’s a sample I managed to dig up of one of his songs. Enjoy!

Right, I think that’s enough for now, else I won’t have anything for next year… ahem, month’s post. So in the meantime, thanks for reading and hope you like the music.

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