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August 15, 2009   |   Reading time: ~2 mins

I’m sure that many geeks out there, whether they be computer geeks or just other technology geeks, have their own workspace at home. I do, it’s just a small desk in my room at the moment… kinda not good. But thanks to the wonders of YouTube I can see other people setups, and boy there are some nice ones too.

So in this post I will share some of my personal favourites.

While I’m going through these at the moment, this is my personal favourite. It’s from the UK which is nice and it’s pretty much what I’d like in an office… including the Xbox and huge TV.


Here’s another nice one from the US. The arrangement of the desks is nice but my favourite part of this one is definitely the tix clocks. They really do look cool.


Wow! This one is classy! HD TV, Apple Monitor, Mac Pros, XServe. This ones got the works. I wouldn’t mind elements of this one myself <cough>Mac Pro</cough>.

…and last but not least Chris Pirillo gives us a tour of his home office. The best thing about his office is the huge Mac Pro, various shining or glowing things and the tix clocks. Great Stuff

Well, here’s a good start to this post. But as always on YouTube there are more great videos to be found on the topic so if you have a video you’d like me to take a look at then please comment with a link.

Thanks for reading.


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