How to Find Design Jobs

August 13, 2009   |   Reading time: ~1 mins

I don’t know about any of you but I find that the hardest thing about being a graphic designer/website developer is getting in work. Since I live in a small town in Rural England where barely understands what web 2.0 is you may be able to understand what I mean. This is why a new website I’ve found out about is a god-sent. is a website for clients to post design jobs directly to the designers to compete. It’s great for me and it’s great for clients. Let me explain. For me it’s hard to find paid jobs to do (Tip – pretty much everyone will let you do one for free), so I can go onto 99Designs and have over 300 jobs to choose from. It’s also great for the client as they can choose from various designs that have been submitted from the designers, so instead of just getting one company to do their work they can choose from a plethora of designs that have been submitted.

It’s great. Now if you excuse me I’m just going off to complete some work to enter… this is great!


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